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Taking Bookings for COVID Testing in Parents Booking

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Do you want to facilitate booking of COVID-19 tests by parents? If so, this is the blog post for you!


  1. Create some new teachers called “Slot 1”, “Slot 2”, or similar.
  2. Edit each, then add the students who will be booked into the “slots” using the Add Students button. You’ll probably need to add each Reg Group individually.
  3. Create a parents’ evening (with multiple dates?), ticking to include all the Reg Groups you added to the “Slots”. You may also want to set a booking limit so that parents can only book each student once (e.g. one per ‘slot’).
  4. When the parents’ evening has been set up, go to Dashboard > Options > Edit the Teachers, and remove ALL teachers and subjects except your “Slots”.
  5. You an test it works by going to Manage Booking > Login as a Parent
  6. Lastly, send parents their invite like normal, and you can monitor the sign-ups from the Reports page.

New parents’ website design

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We have recently given the parents’ area a fresh lick of paint. Below are some screenshots which show how some of the website now looks. As well as looking more modern and ‘cleaner’, the website now looks even better at mobile and tablet resolution. We hope you and your parents will appreciate the upgrade!

Setting up a video test ‘session’ between teachers and ‘fake’ parents

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Use the instructions below to set up a test without having to involve real parents. This testing process suggests diving teachers into two groups (half are to login with their usual teacher login, and half will pretend to be a fake parent):

  1. Login to Parents Booking as an admin
  2. Go to the Parents page and create (or upload, see below) some fake parents, and at the same time create fake students.
    N.B. You do not need to give the fake parents an e-mail or telephone number.
  3. Write down/remember the parent and student names and student DOBs, because the “parents” will use these as their logins later. When creating the students, add them to a new “Test” registration group, this will make the next few steps easier.
    N.B. As an alternative to creating lots of fake students, you can download and then upload this spreadsheet of fake parents (Scottish/SEEMIS schools should use this version).
  4. Go to the Teachers page and add the students from the Test reg group to the teachers who are going to be part of the test (OR make a new, fake teacher and add the students to them).
    N.B. We suggest making a new subject for each teacher called “Video Testing” and adding the ‘Test’ reg group students to this.
  5. Once the students are added to the teachers, make sure the half of the teachers who will be testing by logging in as a teacher have been sent a password or have set up their login. To do this check if the teachers have a e-mail address against their account on the Teachers page.
    If they do, you can skip this step.
    If they do not, type/paste an e-mail in for these teachers and press ‘Save Rooms/Emails’ at the top of the page to send teachers their login. This will change the ‘Login Setup’ column to a blue Password Sent message. If this is still showing red and ‘Not Configured’ you can tick these teachers and press ‘Email Password Reset’ at the top of the Teachers page.
    N.B. Make sure teachers users log out of Parents Booking, if they were logged in recently as a parent/admin/teacher, before they try to reset their password or they will not be able to set up a password from the link in the e-mail, and instead will see an ‘Access Denied’ page).
  6. Create a parents’ evening for the ‘Test’ registration group, at the dates and times you want to have a test on.
  7. Have the fake parents book some appointments, either via the admin area > Manage Booking or via the school’s parent login page, before the video meetings are scheduled to take place. Meetings which are booked become video meetings, so having bookings between teachers are parents is important.
  8. Then, lastly, have everyone login 5-15mins before their appointments and join the video calls, to make sure the video calls work.

Single sign-on with

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Parents Booking has been the innovator for software of our type since we invented the ability for parents to make their parent-teacher appointments online a decade ago. Being big thinkers as much as software developers, we’re is proud to announce a partnership with the exciting new creation in Scotland: We are confident this parent portal will become an essential service for parents and schools as it is rolled out across Scotland’s local authorities, and simply had to be part of the revolution. is simple to sign up to and will give parents access to a range of school-related services online. We were thrilled to be asked to integrate our Parents Booking, and for us to be one of the first to join the project.

Our integration means that parents will be able to log into Parents Booking, to make appointments, in one click (using a secure single sign-on technology), either from the school’s Parents Booking login page, or from itself.

Being part of helps us further our commitment to schools. We are passionate about helping improve customers’ parental engagement, while also ensuring parents have the most convenient experience possible while engaging with our services.

We’ve got your School’s Events and Clubs Handled

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Some of the most-requested features we’ve received over the years are not actually to do with parents’ evenings. We get asked about helping schools with other parent-booking tasks, such as ticketed events, booking seats at a student performance, school trip sign-ups and parents booking places for their children at breakfast or after-school clubs.

We’ve taken time out from continually developing the Parents’ Evening Booking System to give schools all of the above abilities. If you’ve an event or club you want to take bookings from parents for, just ask. The bolt-on modules we’ve created to help schools with these tasks come at a fraction of the Parents’ Evening Booking System cost and can be switched on in seconds.

To learn more about either module, click below. We’ve added a video to each which guides you through how they work:

If you would like to know more, contact Will Mackenzie: