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Red ‘Review/Confirm Teacher Assignments’ Banner

By 7 October 2021Software Updates

Something that we want to make much easier for schools is changing a teacher or class assignment AFTER a parents’ evening has been set up. This has long been a goal of ours, because in the past schools had to go to the Dashboard > Options > Edit the Teachers page and press ‘Update’ to review and import changes.

A new, red ‘Review/Confirm Teacher Assignments’ banner will now show any time the school Admin make changes to teachers/classes on the Teachers page, helping schools apply changes to evenings they have previously set up, more easily.

For example, if you add a class or student to a teacher, or create a new teacher, or move/copy a class code to a new teacher, if you delete a teacher, these changes will all be shown on a red ‘Review/Confirm Teacher Assignments’ banner, which shows at the top of every page until these changes are either ‘applied’ to one or more of the evenings to which they might have an effect, or until they are ‘ignored’.

We hope schools will find this very helpful when making changes.

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