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December 2021

Create your own Custom ‘Class Codes’

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As part of a wider movement of changes to make moving groups or classes of students from one teacher to another, a new change has been added this weekend. You can now name changes you make, e.g. adding a portion of a subject, class, year group or reg group for selected students, when adding these to a new teacher.

The benefit of doing this will become more clear very soon, when we release a big software update, but now, when viewing a list of Class Codes in your parents’ evening (E.g. Dashboard > Options > Edit the Tecahers > Download Classes) you will see your ‘customisations’ as well as the class codes that have been imported from your school’s curriculum automatically.

To augment this new feature, we will soon be releasing a new page which will allow an Admin to see a database of all Class Codes that have either been imported from your school’s database, OR created as a ‘custom’ class code using this new feature. You will also be able to add students to Class Codes and review which teachers the Class Codes are “linked” to.

The screenshot below shows where you can create a custom Class Code name for the change(s) you make.