The simple way to book parents’ evening online

Almost two thousand schools around the UK are hosting perfect parents’ evenings using Parents Booking.

Our market-leading product cuts out all the hassle of parents’ evening booking. Instead of the traditional methods – queues of children in class or huddles of parents around sign-up sheets – parents visit our website and select their own appointment times. Teachers then check their schedule in advance and prepare for their meetings.

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Why choose us?

The benefits for your school

Save time for teachers and staff

With Parents Booking, one person can do all the parents’ evening set-up in a few minutes – a huge time-saver for administrators and teachers.

  • Reclaim classroom time, admin time and curriculum time
  • Hassle-free changes and cancellations – all in the parents’ hands
  • Send out reminders with a couple of clicks

Improve parental engagement

Because it’s easy for parents to make their appointments, they’re more likely to attend the most important engagement event of the year.

  • Online booking is proven to remove hurdles for those who have traditionally not engaged
  • Parents take ownership of their attendance
  • Increased attendance, increased engagement and communication
  • More effective evenings

With better communication, everyone gets more out of each appointment. It means everyone comes prepared for a productive meeting.

  • All the tools for prepared, productive meetings
  • Effective parent-teacher communication
  • Individual, personalised messaging options

Run Meetings by Video Call

New for the 2020/21 academic year, schools can add the Video Calls module to their subscription and use the power of video call technology to facilitate any or all meetings.

Monitor your performance

The reporting tools built into the system gather information that will demonstrate the factors inspectors are looking for.

  • Effective progress assessment via increased parental participation
  • Demonstrate continuing school improvement
  • Gather objective performance information

Go paper free

Everything can be automated, emailed, and done online. Teachers don’t even need to print out their appointment schedule – they can access the system on the night.

  • Save money on stationery and printing
  • Eco-friendly